The Top 5 Reasons You Might Think You’re Pro-Vaccine…But Really Aren’t

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Vaccines Reasons e

Vaccines Reasons e

1.  The vaccine theory is a sound one.  It is a scientifically sound concept:  to deliver a small amount of a pathogen (a “bug”) into the body to elicit an immune system response, thereby conferring future immunity to that “bug.”  However, the execution of this theory into practice has been bungled beyond imagination.  Just because the underlying theory is sound doesn’t automatically make the reality sound.  Even if a vaccine manages to provide temporary “protection” against a particular pathogen (and it apparently does in many cases), it comes at huge costs.  From suspect and contaminated growth media to toxic chemicals to multi-valent shots ~ it’s a mess and it’s making us sick in all new ways.

2.  There is no money or political clout in being “anti-vaccine.”  It’s difficult to keep from sounding like a crazed conspiracy theorist when it comes to uncovering information about the money and the politics of the Big Pharmachine.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Do some research for yourself.  Follow the money and go looking for the conflicts of interest in all levels of government where the Big Pharmachine is concerned.

3.  Fear is a powerful motivator.  It is healthy for your kids to be sick once in a while…….and to be good & darned sick every now and then.  Even knowing that, though, doesn’t change the fact that some children will get very, very sick from common childhood diseases, and some children will die from them.  This knowledge should motivate us to strive to raise healthier kids rather than to grasp at every new shot that comes along.  Childhood diseases are called childhood diseases for a reason, and every attempt that you make to short circuit the process will cause problems somewhere down the road.

4.  Having sick kids is messy and inconvenient.  One of the selling points of the chicken pox vaccine is that mom & dad won’t have to miss work to care for a child who is home sick with the chicken pox…….!  Not good enough.  Occasional illness is part of being human.  It needs to happen.  It needs to be family quiet time.  It needs love and rest and good food and hugs and kisses.  It doesn’t need to be forced to conform to a school or work or sports schedule.

5.    You haven’t made up your mind and your heart yet about whether you are a mechanist or a vitalist.  Down deep in your dark corners do you believe that your body is equipped with its own innate wisdom?  Does is make sense to you that the same intelligence that grows an entire human being from 2 single cells, mends your skin when you cut or burn it, knits your bones when you break them, digests your food, and beats your heart knows what to do to keep you healthy in all situations and under all circumstances?  Or are you more comfortable with the idea that your health is something that must be given to you from the outside by a doctor, in the form of shots and pills and chemicals.  It’s OK with me either way and your decisions will be A LOT easier if you come to terms with this realization about yourself and your philosophy.

And if none of this helps clear your confusion, please keep in mind that nobody in charge of our current vaccine program will take any responsibility for this disaster.  In fact, the folks in charge have so little regard for your well-being that they’ve actually granted legal immunity to all vaccine manufacturers for any damage caused by vaccine products and their administration.  That’s right — if you or a loved one is damaged by a vaccine your government has decided that you shall have no recourse against the company that manufactured the vaccine.  Unbelievable.  If I attempted to practice chiropractic that way I’d be run out of town on a rail.


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