Dr. Julie Seymour ☆☆☆☆ Doctor of Chiropractic
Phone: 720-524-7747
855 Inca Street #3B , Denver CO 80204

Please take note of our ongoing

COVID protocols at 855 Inca Street!

We are observing a physically distanced "waiting room," and using enhanced cleaning procedures.

When you arrive for your appointment, please stay in your vehicle and text Dr. Julie at 720-524-7747 to let her know that you're in the parking lot. She will be out to meet you ASAP.

It is our policy that everyone in the building will wear a face covering
while in the common areas of the building.

New Care Hours - effective immediately

Mondays & Wednesdays ----- 11:00am - 6:00pm
Fridays ------------------ 9:00am - 3:00pm

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Coming October 1, 2020

Our first fee increase in almost 8 years...

Initial visit will remain at ............. $120 (1)
Subsequent visits will increase from $58 to $65 (1)
If you and Dr. Julie currently have an agreement for a discount
on your visits,please check in to discuss a new arrangement.(1)

Prepaid visit package prices will change as follows:
5 pack ....... currently $250 will be $300 (1)(2)
10 pack ....... currently $460 will be $500 (1)(2)

A 20 pack will be available for $900 (1)(2)
Monthly Autopayment of $500 for unlimited care

(1) All of these prices will apply to payment by cash, Venmo, or check. A fee of 3% will be added to all credit card or PayPal payments.

(2) All packages will expire 1 year from purchase date. If you request a refund for a partially used package, the used visits will be calculated at the non-package price, and any amount leftover after that calculation will be the amount of the refund.

These are the "No Red Tape" fees that will be charged and collected at the time of services rendered. If our office agrees to bill any third party or wait for payment from a lien or settlement increased charges will be necessary due to the extra man-hours, the extra paperwork, and the time lapse between services rendered and payment that occur in these cases. If you wish to attempt to access any reimbursement from your health insurance company or flex account for your out-of-pocket costs, our office is happy to provide a receipt with details of our visits for you use at no extra charge. Any additional work by our office to assist you in requesting reimbursement will be charged at $120/hour.
And, Introducing...
The Denver Recovery Lounge at Inca Street!

This exciting new collaboration brings together the best of
cellular, neurological, and structural detoxification, healing,
and recovery...all in one beautiful studio.
It's a one-stop destination for

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
ionCleanse Footbath
Neuroptimal neurofeedback
Community Acupuncture
iMRS Biomat
Intersegmental Traction

For more information about all of these options, please visit

And I'll be sharing more information in an upcoming email.