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Update, May 7, 2020.......Baby Steps

I am so happy to announce that Monday, May 11th will bring a relaxation of some of the restrictions on both my available hours, and on the format of our appointment times! I've missed seeing you all!

Updated hours:
Mondays & Wednesdays : 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Fridays: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Appointment times will be 1 hour for new patients, and 30 minutes for established patients.  I can care for 1 adult and 1 child during a 30-minute visit, and an entire family during two 30-minute visits.  When you make on appointment for more than one person online, please let me know in the "Notes" section who will be receiving care on that visit.

It still won't be "Business As Usual"
Compliance with city/county/state/DORA orders require new procedures and protocols be observed in an effort to make your visits here as safe as possible.  Please read all of the details below so that we can all work together to get you adjusted and feeling your best!

1.  Distance Waiting Room:
Other practitioners in the building will be reopening their doors next week as well.  In an attempt to protect everyone's ability to be properly physically distanced, I ask that you remain in your vehicle and text me when you arrive so that I can escort you into the building.

Small family groups will be allowed inside my room together, but I'm asking that you keep your numbers as low as possible.  The kids' play area in my room is still not available, and we cannot allow children to remain in the front waiting room or be in the hallways or other common areas by themselves.

New pre-visit screenings will include:
~a short "Yes or No" checklist to be filled out by every member of your group
~a pulse oximeter reading of every member of your group
~a forehead temperature reading of every member of your group

I will also escort you out of the building when your visit is over.

2.  Masks and Other Items:
In order to be in compliance with CDC protocols, I will be wearing a mask while you're in the building, and I ask that everyone in your group (ages 3 and above) wear a mask as well.  As much as possible, please leave your purses, bags, coats, car seats, strollers, toys, and other accessories and items in your vehicle.

I've explored wearing gloves while adjusting, and have determined that my work depends on my ability to actually feel what I'm doing.  I promise to go above & beyond the call of duty to assure that my hands are extra clean both during and between visits.  You may wear gloves if you wish.

3.  Washing & Sanitizing:
Hand sanitizer and soap & water will be available at all times at various locations inside the building.  I ask that you clean your hands upon entering the building, and again before you get back into your vehicle.

I will sanitize my furniture and equipment between each visit.

4.  Illness and Risk:
If you are immunocompromised, or in any other high-risk population, or if you are experiencing symptoms of cold/flu/fever, I will not be able to see you during regular office hours at this time. In some special cases, I will make an exception and see you during off-hours.  Please contact me about this option, or with any questions about your health at this time.

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