Less is More

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BuzzsawFaithful readers will recall that my #1 concern about any form of universal healthcare here will, in all likelihood, end up being an expanded version of our current government-run “healthcare” system ~ Medicare.  I think it’ll be a big mistake.  I think that if you are frustrated by the current state of affairs, just wait until we all get caught in this buzzsaw of bureaucrats and red tape.

And now, from a blog post by Dr. Ronald Hoffman, dated 6/6/08, comes word that more Medicare is not better Medicare.  Specifically:  “Hospitals that treated patients more intensively and spent more Medicare dollars did not get better results.  Aggressive care was not better care.  More tests, more medications, and more doctors actually worsened the prognosis of many patients and accentuated their suffering at astronomical costs to the system.  At this rate, Medicare will become unsustainable in a few years, much less universal care.”

Isn’t it finally time to put significant money and man-power behind the use, or at least the research of the use of lower cost, natural health care techniques and modalities as part of the answer to our ailing medical system?

When will our public servants find the spine to stand up to the Big Pharmachine once and for all?  In my opinion, this country’s current financial crisis and the greed and entitlement mentality that have been exposed at its top levels will pale when compared with what we will uncover if a similar meltdown of the Big Pharmachine ever occurs.

The bottom line?  Stay off of the Big Pharmachine Merry-Go-Round as long as possible.

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